TIP450/TIP900 Wallboard Profiling System

•  Detailed continuous board quality monitoring
•  Complete turnkey industrially designed hardware & software system
User-friendly software with clear graphical overview on a single screen
Real-time detection of bubbles, blisters and clumps
Onsite TIP900 system configuration and training of your operator

The Raytek® TIP450 Wallboard Profiling System has been replaced by the Fluke® Process Instruments TIP900 Thermal Imaging System, a comprehensive thermal imaging and noncontact profiling system designed to supervise the temperature of wallboard production.

To read more and download product documentation on the TIP900 Thermal Imaging System, visitwww.flukeprocessinstruments.com/tip900.

With questions regarding service and repairs on the Raytek TIP450 System, contact the Raytek service location nearest you.