GS150 Glass System

•  Improve profitability and product quality
•  Reduce set-up time
Detect defects quicklys
Automate quality monitoring for ISO9000
Reduce scrap


Product Description

The GS150 Thermal Imaging System is an automated temperature measurement system for glass bending, forming, annealing, and tempering processes. The GS150 measures a line of up to 1024 points using a rotating mirror that scans a 90º field-of-view up to 150 times per second. The scanning of a glass part is initiated by the measured temperature, or an external "trigger" signal. As each heated glass part traverses the field-of-view, a two-dimensional thermal image or "thermogram" is formed.

The GS150 installs easily, just like a camera, and views the glass part from above, whenever it has a clear path. Connecting the pre-wired cables (included) to a PC and entering installation dimensions in the GS150 Software completes the installation process.

The newest addition to the GS150, the GS150LE Thermal Imaging System System for Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass with automatic emissivity correction, is designed to monitor one-side coated flat glass.