Raytek XR IR Sensor

•  Multiple temperature ranges
•  Optional stainless steel housing
Optional laser sighting and high resolution optics
Flexible user defined analog output
Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
Choice of field wiring or quick connector wiring option

Product Description

The Raytek XR IR Sensor is designed for continuous temperature monitoring in a broad range of manufacturing processes. The XR is a rugged, NEMA 4 sealed single-piece system with the flexibility to handle nearly any application. Multiple extended temperature ranges, precision temperature resolution, RS-485 output and a flexible electronic platform create a single sensor that solves the most challenging application. Optional laser sighting and high-resolution optics provides the solution for either small targets or long sight-tubes. An intuitive user interface reduces setup time and adds powerful trouble-shooting capabilities.

Common and configurable installation hardware and software reduces installation expense and variation. The Raytek XR has a flexible user defined analog output, allowing this sensor to be installed with almost any existing control system. This unique capability sets a new standard for process monitoring. The Raytek XR sensor insures a consistent manufacturing process and allows tighter tolerances on heating processes, reducing heating costs.

Spectral Response
Optical Resolution
LT (Low Temp)
-40°C to 600°C 
(-40°F to 1112°F)
8 - 14 µm
LTHSF (Low Temp)
-40°C to 600°C 
(-40°F to 1112°F)
8 to 14 µm
MT (Medium Temp)
250°C to 1200°C 
(482°F to 2190°F)
3.9 µm
G5 (Glass)
250°C to 1650°C 
(482°F to 3002°F)
5.0 µm
P7 (Plastics)
10°C to 360 °C 
(50°F to 680 °F)
7.9 µm