AutoPro ST25 - Automotive Handheld

•  Features SmartSight-dual laser sighting for correct target distance
•  Includes bright illumination LED flashlight
Measures temperatures up to 535ºC (999ºF)
Includes powerful magnet on the unit's base for handy storage
Features 1% accuracy



AutoPro - the "Must Have" infrared thermometer for automotive technicians.

The Raytek AutoPro handheld pyrometer is developed specifically with the needs of today’s automotive, diesel and transportation technicians in mind. Rugged, fast, and convenient, this professional tool offers many valuable features for automotive technicians. AutoPro features SmartSight-bright dual laser sighting system that merges into a single laser at the correct distance to the measured target.

Temperature Range -32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
Distance to Spot Size (D:S) Approximately 16:1 at focus point - optimized for use at 8 inches
Response time Less than or equal to 0.5 second (95% of reading)
Emissivity Pre-set at 0.95
Accuracy Accuracy ±1% at 23ºC (73ºF)
Laser Sighting (CLass II) SmartSight Dual Laser Sighting
Typical Distance to Target (Spot) 200 mm to 600 mm (8 inches to 2 feet)
Power 9V Alkaline or NiCd Battery
Temperature Display ºC or ºF selectable and MAX
LCD Backlit Included
Display Hold (7 seconds) Included
Holster Option Available