Marathon MM

•  Temperature measurement range: -40 to 3000ºC/-40 to 5432ºF
•  High-resolution optics up to 300:1
Precision Variable Focus
Real-time video monitoring and recording capability
Integrated through-the-lens and either video or laser sighting
Stainless steel housing
Easy-to-use interface

Product Description

The new Marathon MM Series platform, which covers a temperature range of minus 40 to 3000°C (minus 40 to 5432°F), consists of six IR temperature sensor models, each with a specific measurement wavelength and temperature range appropriate for either low- (minus 40 to 800°C / minus 40 to 1472°F), medium- (250 to 1100°C / 482 to 2012°F), or high-temperature (300 to 3000°C / 572 to 3273°F) production monitoring.

The Marathon MM now features Precision Variable Focus that allows fast, easy and accurate adjustment of the focus of measurement targets, either by push-button at the rear of the instrument or remotely via an RS232/RS485 PC connection, where adjustments can be seen real-time through video. Sensors with variable focus option can be configured according to each application requirements reducing the installation time and chance for incorrect installation.

To meet the needs of a many industries and a wide range of applications, Raytek offers the following types of MM sensors:

Spectral Response
Response Time
(95% response)
-40°C to 800°C 
(-40°F to 1472°F)
8 - 14 µm
120 ms
300°C - 900°C
(572°F to 1652°F)
7.9 µm 120 ms
250°C to 1650°C
(482°F to 3002°F)
5 µm
60 ms
450°C to 2250°C 
(842°F to 4082°F)
5 µm
60 ms
250°C to 1100°C 
(482°F to 2012°F)
3.9 µm
120 ms
100°C to 600°C 
(212°F to 1112°F)
2.3 µm
20 ms
300°C to 1100°C 
(572°F to 2012°F)
1.6 µm
2 ms
450°C to 2250°C
(842°F to 4082°F)
1.6 µm
2 ms
450°C to 1740°C 
(842°F to 2732°F
1 µm
2 ms
650°C to 3000°C 
(1202°F to 5432°F)
1 µm
2 ms


All sensors feature identical installation hardware and include Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software to enable easy and consistent installation, configuration and data capture across the full breadth of an application:

  • steel and metals processing (foundry/forging operations & heat treating)
  • glass bending, forming, tempering, annealing, and sealing
  • paper processing (ink drying/curing & lamination)
  • plastics processing and thermoforming; and semiconductor processing