Raytek GP

•  Temperature range from minus 18°C to 538°C (0°F to 1000°F)
•  Available with standard or close focus optics
Sensor parameters easily configured through display monitor
Laser sighting available (GPS head)




Product Description: 

The Raytek GP infrared pyrometers come with two types of rugged sensors: GPR and GPS. They both provide standard or close focus optics and target temperature readings with 1% accuracy.

In addition, laser sighted GPS model provides alignment in hard-to-reach locations, or to the small or distant targets. The GPS is capable of measuring targets as small as 4.5 mm at 200 mm and 0.18 in @ 8 in, for the close focus version of the sensor. 

The GPS targets temperatures from -18 to 540ºC (0-1000ºF) with 1% accuracy, and has a standard optical D:S ratio of 50:1. The GPS integrated coaxial Class 2 laser is connected to the remote activation switch box via the included 4 m (13 ft) cable. An additional 8 m (26 ft) of cable is also included to connect the switch box to the GP monitor.

Ambient Operating
Laser Sighting
0°C to 65°C 
(32°F to 150°F)
18°C to 538°C
(0°F to 1000°F)
Standard Focus D:S = 35:1
Close Focus D:S = 30:1
0°C to 65°C 
(32°F to 150°F)
18°C to 538°C
(0°F to 1000°F)
Standard Focus D:S = 50:1
Close Focus D:S = 45:1
Integrated coaxial
Class 2 laser