ThermoView Pi20 Outdoor Enclosure

•  Protective enclosure designed to shield ThermoView™ Pi20 camera electronics
•  Ambient Temperature
-30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)

Product Description

When the ThermoView Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imager is mounted in outdoor environments, the ThermoView Pi20 outdoor enclosure ensures weatherproofed installations by providing a high protection rate, a sunshield, and thermostat control heater in cooler climates.

General Specifications

Rating: IP66/IP67 EN60529 with cable glands
Ambient temperature: -30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)
Double heater: 115/230 VAC, 80 W
Construction: Aluminum
Window material: Germanium
Cable entry: M16x1.5
Weight: 4.1 kg (9 lb), without camera

Our applications engineers or your local representative can assist you in determining if the ThermoView Pi20 outdoor enclosure is the right solution for your specific application needs.