ThermoView Pi20 Cooling Enclosure

•  Protective enclosure designed to shield ThermoView™ Pi20 camera electronics
•  Resistant to high temperatures up to 200°C/393°F

Provides water cooling and air purge

Product Description

The ThermoView Pi20 Cooling Enclosure is designed to protect the ThermoView Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imager from exposure to high ambient temperatures up to 200°C (393°F) in various high temperature applications, such as metals manufacturing, glass processing, and oven/furnace applications.

General Specifications

Weatherproof rating 
(according to EN60529):
IP67 (NEMA 4)
Ambient temperature: 200°C (393°F)
with 6 l/min (1.5 gal/min) of water at 20°C (68°F) inlet temperature
and 6 bar (87 PSI) for front air barrier
Air pressure: Recommended: 4 to 6 bar (58 to 87 PSI)
Construction: Stainless steel housing, AISI 316L, polished
Window material: Zinc Selenide
Cable gland: M12x1.5, threaded holes on the rear flange
Weight: 13 kg (29 lb), without camera

CE according to EN61000-6-3, EN60950, EN50130-4. RoHS compliant.

Our applications engineers or your local representative can assist you in determining if the ThermoView Pi20 enclosure is the right solution for your specific application needs.