Marathon FA Infrared Sensors

•  Temperature measurement range: 500 to 2500ºC (932 to 4532ºF)
•  High-resolution optical resolution up to 100:1
Rugged fiber optic IR sensorfor very confined installations
High accuracy ± 0.3% of temperature
Fast response time of 10 mSec
Provides simultaneous analog and digital outputs


Product Description

The Marathon FA Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor consists of a rugged fiber optic cable plus optical head assembly connected to an electronics housing containing the detector, processing electronics, internal user interface/LED display, and termination connections for field wiring. These infrared sensors maintain targets in highly confined installations in harsh industrial environments, otherwise inaccessible by non-fiber optic thermometers. The assembly accommodates a small bend radius for threading through tight spaces.


Marathon FA thermometers maintain high accuracy over the ambient operating temperature range from 0º to 60ºC (32º to 140ºF). The fixed-focus optical head consists of a small stainless steel cylindrical housing and lens assembly. The optical head accommodates an air-purge accessory to prevent lens contamination and the fiber optic cable is protected by metal armor.  

The Marathon FA1G sensor, specifically designed for measuring bulk glass temperature from 750º to 1675ºC (1382º to 3047ºF), permits measurements in melter, refiner, regenerator, and forehearth temperatures.

The Marathon FA Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors include Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software to enable easy and consistent installation, configuration and data capture across the following applications:

  • steel and metals processing
  • glass processing
  • semiconductor manufacturing processing